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Tribal Council

The Robinson Rancheria Pomo Indians of California is led by a Tribal Council comprised of six members. The Tribal Council were elected by the enrolled members of Robinson Rancheria.  Tribal Council leaders, as well as members of its committees, incorporate the values to promote the mission and vision for the Tribe, its Tribal Members and surrounding area.


 Tribal Chairman

Welcome, my name is Beniakem Dudi-Labith, it translates into ‘shiny road’ (bright path) in Easter Pomo language. I’m honored to be the father of 3 beautiful adult children. I’m grateful to be elected the past three years into our Tribal Council.

My vision as Chairman Elect is wellness for our community, youth participation in tribal government and economic development including and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs.

I draw on my experiences from living out of state, completing Bachelors degree from Arizona State University, having a small business, raising a family, and being raised by mother Colleen Pete and father Benjamin Cromwell, my step father Gary Pete and maternal grandmother Freda May Krukoff. These are my influences that instilled work ethic, family, integrity and love for our community, land and Pomo people. My father’s side is from Big Valley and includes my grandmother Christine Posh and great grandfather Ned Posh.


Vice Chairman

My name is Jaime C, I (we) moved to Robinson in 1988. I graduated from ULJHS in 1994 and later graduated from ULHS in 1998. I continued my education at Mendocino College with an emphasis in accounting while working at our Casino, I later transferred to Butte College in Chico, CA.

In 2008 I became a Gaming Commissioner for Robinson, where I remained for 6 years until January 2014 when I was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Business Council. I was Re-elected by the membership to the same position in June 2015.

My goal on council is to bring Robinson back to providence to pave the way for the next generation of Tribal Leaders for our continued success.


Hello my name Colleen Pete, you may know me as Sally, and I have the honor to be the Secretary-Treasurer on the Robinson Rancheria Citizens Business Council. I am grateful for the opportunity that comes with this position.

I am working for our elders, our children and our future generations. My goals are to modernize our constitution, reform our enrollment process to be more inclusive and increase services for Tribal Members when it comes to family wellness.

I am eager and optimistic for the direction of our tribe and enjoy working alongside my fellow council members. I appreciate all those who reach out to me and will remain respectful towards all tribal members.

I lead by the old tribal values where we all grow together and nobody is left behind. We are one tribe and one big family.


Greetings (Mu-Ka-Chin ) ,

I have been elected into our tribal government to serve the entire tribe in the most professional comprehensive way possible. The past two years have been very challenging given the fact that we as a tribe was in a deficit when I entered into office. I accepted the challenge and assisted in organizing a comprehensive plan to eliminate debt without having our tribal membership suffer the consequences.

In attending Santa Rosa Junior College and Mendocino College I have knowledge in the educational process of understanding economics therefore I have utilized my educational training within the tribe, to be successful. Furthermore, I have been trained and certified in our Tribal Assistance for Needy Families. With that said, I’m a strong believer in the seventh generation and the Wavoka prophecy of bringing back Cultural and Traditional ceremonies of the native people. I have been blessed to be a part of traditional song and dance of the round house tradition and I always live my life with those teachings of unity, strength, and family equaling TRIBE…have a blessed day and if I can ever help directly I will …my office door is always open.


My name is Nathan Solorio, I am 29 years old. I am thankful for having the support of the tribal members, and for being elected Member at large.

My main goals are the interest of the community focusing on wellness, culture, and moving on to new horizons for the tribe.

With me being new to tribal leadership, I would appreciate any guidance.

I am a strong believer in the tribe moving forward together.

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