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The Robinson Rancheria Police Department was established in 2009. Robinson Rancheria Citizen’s Business Council entered into a Deputation Agreement with the U.S. Department of Interior. This agreement provides law enforcement services to all persons who reside, work, or visit the Robinson Rancheria. Pursuant to the Deputation Agreement, the Secretary of the Interior issued Special Law Enforcement Commissions (SLEC) to officers of the tribe’s police department. SLEC officers are able to enforce federal laws on the Rancheria and, under certain circumstances off the Rancheria.

As SLEC Federal law enforcement officers they have the ability to o make arrests (Defined in CA Penal Code Section 836) for violations of California’s criminal laws. Robinson’s federal officers are able to submit cases of all other federal violations directly to the San Francisco, California AUSA Office for review of federal charges.   

Robinson Rancheria Police Department, entered into an agreement with the Lake County DA’s Office on August 12, 2010, in order to submit cases directly for violation of California’s Penal Code Section. This also allowed the issuance of “Notice To Appear” (Citations) for violations of Misdemeanor offenses and arrest warrants which state they are “Citable”.  Reports for violation of California laws, along with required supporting documents (Evidence, witness statements, photographs, audio & video,  are completed by Robinson’s federal officers and submitted directly to the DA’s Office just as local law enforcement agencies do.

Collaborative discussion are being established with the local law enforcement for partnering policing on, or near the Robinson Rancheria Reservation. For more information contact the Robinson Rancheria Citizen Business Council office at 707-275-0527.

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